Tour de Outback

Host Tour de Outback committee
Location Lakeview Oregon
Date Aug 05, 2017
Time All day

For those looking fTourdeoutbacklogoor a challenge and great wildlife viewing, the August 5, 2017 ride will follow the newly designated Oregon Outback Scenic Bikeway. Experience the beautiful north Warner Mountains and the forest/desert fringe of the Great Basin’s expansive views of Drake Peak, the Coyote Hills, Fish Creek Rim, Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge, Warner Peak, and the Poker Jim Ridge. Put your head down rip down 1,300 ft. descent into the desert outpost of Plush, ride rolling lakeshores to Adel along the wetland lakes of the Warner Valley including: Hart Lake, Friday Reservoir, Crump Lake, Pelican and the Narrows. Enjoy views of the spectacular escarpment of pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, sage grouse, and wetland birds.

While in Deep Creek Canyon, look for cliff swallows, golden & bald eagles, red tail hawks and falcons. Crest Warner Pass and watch the trees whiz by in a blur as you scream down the pass for one last thrill ride as you coast back into Lakeview.

This year Tour de Outback ride offers several ride options along the Bikeway including a Century and Metric Century. Beginner and family routes touring the Goose Lake Valley will include 10 and 25 mile options.

Rides include water and food stops, SAG support, and an after – ride meal.


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Lake County Chamber of Commerce