Self-Guided Tours


The Orgeon Outback National Scenic Byway provides a wonderful chance to experience the best of the west. This 170 mile long drive is a showcase of breath-taking landscapes untouched by civilization, with an unparalleled view of wildlife.


The Basin & Range Birding Trails offer a rare opportunity to see over 250 species of birds. Stop into the Lake County Chamber to pick up a birding map today.


Hang-Gliding Capitol of the West, Lakeview hosts competitions every year on or around July 4th. The event is called the Festival of Free Flight. Participants from all over the world launch from five sites to enjoy the best thermals!


The Oregon State gemstone is the Sunstone, also known as the Plush Diamond. Sunstones are only found in Lake and Harney counties. They can be mined (or picked up in the Public Sunstone Collecting Site) at one of our local mining operations near Plush, Oregon, in Lake County's Warner Valley. When cut, sunstones make unique and beautiful jewelry.


Stop into the Chamber for more information and for directions to the mines. Along with sunstones, you can also find opals, jasper, agate, thunder eggs and obsidian. General rock hounding is a popular hobby here. We have unique, rare rocks and our very own rock shops: one in Lakeview, one in New Pine Creek, and one in Plush.


North Lake County is home to Crack in the Ground, Hole in the Ground, the Lost Forest, miles of sand dunes, and Derricks Cave. Here is a photo of Crack in the Ground, courtesy of the Lakeview BLM.