Irish Days is a celebration for the Irish residents who settled Lakeview way back in the late 1800's. While the events on Saturday may change from year-to-year, Friday evening is always the Dinner presented by Soroptimist International. On Saturday, we always look forward to a Parade with floats, Potato Hockey, the Potato Peeling Contest, the Outhouse Race, the O'BBQ, the Pub Crawl...

In addition, each year a Grand and Wee Leprechaun are selected, showered in gifts at the Dinner and ride in the Parade.

As you can imagine, the Irish Days Committee needs a lot of volunteers to put on the event and we would love for you to be included. Please click here if interested.

The Irish Days banner shown above was donated to the Chamber by Agrisea Technologies in November 2015 and hopefully, will be in use for many years.


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