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For a glimpse of the GREAT OUTDOORS, check out the great maps of Lake County and surrounding areas:

Lake County has something for everyone. If you're into the Great Outdoors, you're in the right place!

Foresty Service

Winter Sports

Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding
Enjoy frequent powder days, sunshine, and no lift lines at Warner Canyon Ski Area.  Located just 10 miles northeast of Lakeview, this family-friendly area is a great place to learn to ski or board.

This is the place to be! Lake County has hundreds of snowmobile trails with 5 warming huts along them.

Ice Fishing
Contact the Chamber for directions to the ice fishing spots.  The State Fish & Game office can give you up-to-date information on the best fishing spots and the various types of fish available.




 Drews Reservoir is a great place to boat and swim--you can "float" Drews Creek in the summer. We've got way too many lakes to name, so stop by the Chamber and we'll give you a map so you can enjoy them all. Lots of fishing/fly fishing, ice fishing, boating, swimming, kayaking...

Mountain & Road Biking ~ Lake County is known for our mountain bike trails where you can decide between beginner, intermediate or expert trails.  For Road biking, people from all over the world come for the wide shoulders, low traffic flow and gorgeous scenery. Stop into the Chamber for maps, or check out the USDA-FS website:

Hiking ~ It doesn't get any better than here for hiking....we've got cottonwood trails, desert trails, Hart Mountain, the Steens to name just a few.  We are in the process of developing our own version of the Pacific Trail

Hunting ~ Bighorn sheep, elk, deer, antelope--you name it and we've got cabins to rent in great hunting well as guides. Call the Chamber for more info.

ATV FUN ~ The Lake County Fairgrounds boasts an ATV park, and Christmas Valley Sand Dune Recreation Area is not to be missed...

Aspen Ridge on Quartz Mountain offers biking, tennis, hiking, a beautiful lodge with a magnificent antler chandelier, good food and views of the buffalo herd. You can also fly a private aircraft in for a relaxing weekend. Come for a retreat, conference, meeting, wedding or just for a great evening out. This is a working cattle/buffalo ranch.


 Abert Rim: Stand beside a vertical face more than a quarter mile high. This 30 mile-long fault rises 2,000 feet above Lake Abert and is one of the longest exposed fault escarpments in North America. It began forming during geological upheaval several million years ago.



Christmas Valley Sand Dunes


Christmas Valley Sand Dunes

Go back in time. This Sahara-like landscape offers a great expanse of sand dunes, which are primarily made up of ash from the eruption 7,000 years ago of Mount Mazama, which is now better known as Crater Lake. This is an excellent alternative to the crowded sand dunes along the coast on weekend--(as a matter of fact, a lot of our coastal population come here to beat the crowds.) The largest inland moving sand dune system in Oregon and possibly the Pacific Northwest. The dunes cover an area 9 miles by 5 miles in area, with some of the highest dunes standing at 60 feet. The Christmas Valley Sand Dunes lie between Fossil Lake and the Lost Forest.



Crack In The Ground Topside View



Crack in the Ground: Enter deep into the earth, through this 2-mile long, 12 foot-wide basalt lava fissure which runs from 10 to 70 feet deep. At places it is bridged by boulders. Winter ice sometimes remains within its depths all year! Crack in the Ground is located near Christmas Valley.




 Derrick Cave 

 Entrance to Derrick Cave

  Derrick Cave

A lava tube 30 feet high, 50 feet wide and 1/4 mile long. The ceiling has collapsed in two places; one providing foot access into the cave and the other forming a "skylight" for the cave. (Near Crack In The Ground.)





 Devil's Garden Wilderness Study Area

Includes two spatter cones know as "The Blowouts" and are interesting volcanic features right alongside the road leading to Derrick Cave and Ice Cave.





Hot springs abound around Lake County, and many of them are perfect for soaking.


Old Perpetual Geyser

"Old Perpetual" Geyser

Rest awhile in Lakeview and visit Oregon's only continuously spouting geyser which shoots a plume of 200 degree water over 60 feet into the air every 90 seconds. A favorite for everyone in Lake County, whether they be traveling through, or a resident. Take a break and sit in the relaxing (and some say, healing) waters from the geyser which can be found within developed pool known as Hunter's Hot Springs. Only 1 mile North of Lakeview.





Oregon Historical Sites: A new state map which shows historical sites and heritage trees.


Green Mountain: 5190 feet elevation. It gives the visitor a panoramic view of the lava flows, cinder cones, and desert landscape of the Fort Rock and Christmas Valley area. The fire lookout atop Green Mountain is manned from June through October.



Fort RockFort Rock

This site is a most unusual discovery. The 325-ft. high, crescent-shaped remains of the ancient Fort Rock Volcano are now a state monument. This unique formation stands in stark contrast to the high desert which surrounds it. Fort Rock is the site of ancient ruins and the scene of dramatic Indian battles. Many ancient artifacts have been found in Fort Rock and within the caves near Fort Rock. Truly a "Must-See!"





Fort Rock Cave was the site of the earliest evidence of human habitation in the U.S. state of Oregon prior to excavation of Paisley Caves. Fort Rock Cave featured numerous well-preserved sagebrush sandals, ranging from 9,000 to 13,000 years old.[3] The cave is located approximately 0.5 mi (0.8 km) west of Fort Rock on the Reub Long ranch in Lake County.[2][4]

Fort Rock Cave was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961. It is located near Fort Rock State Natural Area.




      Picture Rock Pass is right along the highway just outside the town of Silver Lake where you can view the petroglyphs and you can still see wagon ruts from the Oregon Trail... 


Four Craters Lava Flow

Lava Mountain

 Four Craters: Lava Flow is north of the Crack in the Ground. Four cinder cones created the Four Craters Lava Flow.


Lava Mountain: is the highest point in North Lake County (within the Squaw Ridge Wilderness Area). 




Lost Forest Lost Forest: is a remnant of a much larger stand of Ponderosa Pine that existed 6,000 years ago. This area was designated a Research Natural Area in 1972, due to the isolated relict nature of the forest in an arid climate not normally suited to a pine-type forest. The largest Juniper in Oregon is also found on the northern edge of the forest.





Sunstone Area: Designated as the Oregon State Gemstone in 1989 because of its uncommon clarity and color range. In 1992, the bureau of Land Management's Lakeview District established a FREE-USE collecting area for the general public. Four square miles are now closed to mining claims to allow public access for hobby collecting. It is locally known as the "Plush Diamond" because of its proximity to the small community of Plush., and it's the only place where you can find sunstones in the state.







Summer Lake Wildlife Area


Summer Lake State Wildlife Area: Take a few minutes, or a few hours, to enjoy the serenity at Summer Lake.  Exellent auto-tour for waterfowl viewing.  Good hiking, hot springs, dining and gerneral store in the area.







Ana Reservoir: Site of the state white bass record, boat ramp available.  Great camping and water sports.





Abert Lake


Abert Lake: Brine shrimp feeding ground for over 10,000 waterfowl every year! 






Hart Mountain: Friends of Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Pronghorn Antelope


Sheldon and Hart Mountain Refuges:  Remote, expansive high-desert habitat, set aside in the '30s for conservation of pronghorn antelope.  Thirty years later, . . .The national "Order of the Antelope" meets there for a week annually.

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