Representing Oregon's Third-largest County
Benefits of Membership



Acts as an Advocate for your Business

The Chamber acts as your spokesperson when state, county, city, and other government agencies take action that affects your business.

Answers Your Mail and Phones                           

The Chamber responds to thousands of phone calls and emails each year requesting information about vacation, residential, and business opportunities in Lake County.

Provides Business Referrals and Contacts

Referrals are directed to our Member Businesses when inquiries are made for sales and services in Lake County.

Is Your Presence on the Internet

Membership with the Chamber includes a free listing on our website, Facebook page, and free linkage to your home page.

Offers Promotional Opportunities

The Chamber offers its Members the opportunities to promote their business and services through Chamber mixers, workshops and forums, brochure and business-card displays in Chamber lobby, and advertising opportunities on Chamber’s website and Facebook page.

Chamber Special Events

The Chamber actively participates in the County Christmas Opening, Annual Awards Banquet & Gala, Irish Days Festival, Festival of Free Flight, Tour de Outback, Lake County Round Up, and several other special events.

Promotes Economic Development

The Chamber works to promote tourism in Lake County.  Thousands of visitors each year visit the web site and stop by the Chamber to obtain information on the area and County businesses/resources. Tourism is a huge industry in all of Oregon that contributes to job creation and stimulates our local economies.

Information Service

A complete range of information services comprises one of the best values of Chamber membership. The Chamber distributes your brochures, publications, and statistical information pertinent to business and tourism. Each Chamber member also receives a copy of our monthly newsletter.




































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Lake County Chamber of Commerce
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